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Raymarine products now available

At the Seahorse Chandlery we are delighted to be able to bring you the latest high-quality technology provided by Raymarine at low cost prices compared to the rest of the market.

Raymarine products are engineered to deliver the very best in visual navigation information and with a legacy of marine technology spanning over 80 years, it is renowned today for ease of use, rugged design, and reliability.

Raymarine is constantly innovating to deliver high performance sensors and intelligent navigation systems so your time on the water is stress-free and fun. It is committed to bringing you products with an industry-leading warranty and worldwide service network.

Whether you fish, sail, or cruise you can get underway with the confidence of Raymarine on board.

We have already launched more than 25 Raymarine products on our website for you to get your hands on. Including their excellent AXIOM range; from the Raymarine AXIOM 7 all the way to the incredibly powerful Raymarine AXIOM XL 24 Glass Bridge. The Glass Bridge products provide safer and easier navigation in high seas, helping you track where you are and where you are headed, keep an eye on all rooms on the ship with its easy-to-work camera operating system and simple touch screen control of the ship's electrical devices. It also doubles up as an entertainment system, as you can utilise its HDMI output and Raymarine's mobile apps.

Seahorse Chandlery are also providing the Raymarine RV-220 Real Vision 3D Bronze Transducer and Raymarine RV-212 Real Vision 3D Bronze Transducer which you can use to detect any structures or fish you may come across with the life-like clarity of RealVision 3D sonar. It will help keep your ship safe and yourself productive with understanding and knowing your surroundings.

With low cost prices and friendly service, there is no better place to shop for Raymarine products, than with the Seahorse ChandleryFind all their products listed here:

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