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Airmar B744VL 50/200A DST Thru Hull Transducer 12M Cable

Airmar B744VL 50/200A DST Thru Hull Transducer 12M Cable

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Airmar 31-710-1-01 B744Vl 50/200 DST Thru Hull Transducer with Lowrance 7 Pin Connector

Fits Lowrance Units with blue collar connector

The B744VL is a TRIDUCER® Multisensor featuring depth, speed, and temperature in a single housing. The 50/200 kHz, dual-frequency, single ceramic element provides great target detail in shallow water at 200 kHz and good deep-water bottom tracking at 50 kHz. The B744VL’s extended stem-length has the extra height needed for steep-deadrise vessels or thick, cored hulls.

  • Depth, speed, and temperature in one housing
  • 600 W
  • Dual-frequency elements:
    • 50 kHz with a wide 45° beam for performance to 353 m (1200')
    • 200 kHz with a 12° beam for performance to 206 m (700')
  • Includes a high-performance fairing for improved bottom tracking at higher speeds
  • Patented self-closing sea valve reduces water flow into the hull when paddlewheel insert is removed
  • Speed operating range: 1 knot to 45 knots (1 MPH to 52 MPH)
  • Fins on sides of paddlewheel cavity provide improved accuracy in cross flow conditions
  • Recommended boat size: Up to 9 m (30')