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Digital Yacht AIS Deploy Portable Class A AIS/NAV System
Digital Yacht AIS Deploy Portable Class A AIS/NAV System
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Digital Yacht AIS Deploy Portable Class A AIS/NAV System

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  • Portable IMO approved (subject to correct installation) Class A AIS system
  • Full function display with wifi interface for tablet and iPad connectivity (for navigation apps)
  • Internal 22AH 12V DC battery pack provides 24hr continuous operation
  • 12V and USB power outlets for tablets and PCs
  • Self contained, rugged and waterproof
  • SIZE: 56 x 35 x 23cm
  • WEIGHT: 16kg

AIS Deploy is a portable, self contained, highly rugged Class A AIS transponder system supplied with GPS and VHF antennas and an integrated 12v DC rechargeable battery. In addition to the Class A dedicated controller (MKD), it features a wireless interface to allow tablets and iPads to display data on a wide range of compatible apps.

Its portable format allows for quick set up of an AIS transponder and full function navigation system on any vessel and lends itself to pilotage, military and professional applications.

AIS Deploy has all the normal Class A functions with full 12.W transmit power and a display allowing for voyage data to be entered.

The unit has external connectors for antennas and optional external power and the case can then be closed for waterproof integrity and data transmitted locally over a standard, password protected wireless interface.

AIS Deploy is autonomous with integrated, rechargeable 12v 22Ah battery and portable GPS and VHF antennas. It’s also designed for transportation using a standard aircraft cabin friendly format, ultra rugged, waterproof Pelicase.

Full Function Class A AIS

AIS Deploy is a fully IMO type approved Class A transponder with integrated display allowing for vessel setup and voyage data entry. It’s based on our well proven CLA2000 and has standard plotter and target list displays. It also has a charting mode where targets are overlaid onto detailed mapping and is compatible with optional C-Map MAX charts.

Wireless interface can provide data feed to multiple tablets, iPads, PCs etc and is compatible with hundreds of charting and navigation apps.

Autonomous Operation

AIS transponders require a GPS and VHF antenna for operation. AIS Deploy is supplied with a compact external GPS antenna and choice of two external VHF antennas – the QMax 25cm helical antenna and also a 1m inflatable antenna with webbing straps to allow quick fitting to a rail. It can also be connected to any standard VHF antenna if available.

The QMax antenna (supplied) is a 25cm portable antenna with a sucker cup style temporary mount. It’s ultra compact and fits in seconds. Also supplied is a 1m inflatable antenna which can be deployed quickly and easily stowed for transportation.

AIS Deploy incorporates a 12V 22Ah battery for autonomous 24hr operation. A 12V 4A regulated AC-DC charger is supplied which cab provide a full overnight charge. Fast charge options are  also available and AIS Deploy can be connected to any external 12vDC source.

Encryption & Spoofing

For approved government operation, AIS Deploy can be supplied with an external position generating system running on a regular Windows PC or tablet, allowing AIS position to be spoofed to alternate locations and with differing vessel course and speed in formation. Vessel identity can also be changed.

Supplied with

  • Portable GPS antenna with 5m cable
  • Choice of two external VHF antennas – QMax compact 25cm sucker cup mount or 1m inflatable Antenna
  • Selection of coaxial adaptors for connection to 3rd party antennas
  • External AC-DC 12V 4A charger
  • Internal storage pod for accessories
  • Velcro mounting point for tablet
  • Dual USB power and cigarette lighter power output