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RYA Advanced Powerboat Handbook (G108)

RYA Advanced Powerboat Handbook (G108)

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This handbook is the official companion to the RYA Powerboat Advanced course but it is also equally relevant to those who are simply keen to develop and consolidate their knowledge to help improve their theoretical and practical skills.

The book has been designed to be a key and progressive learning tool which focuses on the advanced aspects of powerboating. This includes the essentials on and off the water and demystifies the more complicated techniques for operating an open vessel by day and night. Chapters include:

  • The Role of the Skipper
  • Radar and AIS
  • Wave Theory   
  • Handling in Rougher Conditions         
  • Weather      
  • Higher Speed Handling

It expands on the knowledge already contained in the entry-level RYA Start Powerboating and intermediate-level RYA Powerboat Handbook, with a focus on the higher-level aspects of advanced powerboating. The examples bring concepts to life and methods are adapted to what is realistically achievable in an open powerboat.


Aimed at commercial skippers and leisure boaters wanting to gain advanced knowledge…book looks at the role of the skipper...supplemented with fine colour pics…refreshing and very useful…Sailing for Southern Africa, April 2015