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RYA Day Skipper Handbook Motor (G97)

RYA Day Skipper Handbook Motor (G97)

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The RYA Day Skipper Handbook Motor is the new companion to the RYA Motor Cruising Day Skipper Course, continuing the RYA practical series of books that accompany the courses.

The new Day Skipper Handbook Motor covers the elements of the course in simple illustrated steps. It is ideal as the practical guide to aid students on the course, or just as a stand-alone book to guide you through the practical elements of motor boating.

 Chapters include:

  • Pilotage
  • Navigation
  • Boat Work
  • Boat Handling
  • Marinas
  • Cruising at Speed
  • Anchoring 

The book is written by Jon Mendez, the RYA’s former Chief Motor and Powerboating Instructor and an acknowledged expert on the subject.


This is the official RYA book for anyone considering the RYA Day Skipper Certificate…RYA publications invariably attain very high levels of excellence, from the quality of the text to the graphics and sketches. This one maintains those levels. Sailing for Southern Africa, August 2015

Typical of RYA Publications, the pages are filled with helpful illustrations to help the reader picture every technique and procedure taught... All At Sea, December 2010