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RYA Knots, Splices & Ropework Handbook (G63)

RYA Knots, Splices & Ropework Handbook (G63)

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The complete guide to knots for all knot enthusiasts and a must have for all boaters.

This book is ideal for everybody, whether beginner or advanced, as it deals with knots and ropework from beginning to end.

The first section deals with rope construction and maintenance, moving on to the basic knots which are essential to all boating activities. The authors then delve into blocks and tackles, lashings and bindings, splicing, and finally they move on to the more advanced, decorative knots, which are ideal for adding a unique touch to your boat, and they also make for lovely gifts.


...Most RYA blessed publications are worth their weight in gold. This one is no exception. It is the finest book on knots I have seen... Sailing, 2008

...An all-round eduction and a handy reference manual... Practical Boat Owner, 2009

...This sensible book is well organised and thanks to thoughtful artwork is easy to follow. This book proves a valuable guide, which is well worth the cover price... Sailing Today, 2009