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West System 800-2 3inch Foam Roller Covers - Pack of 2

West System 800-2 3inch Foam Roller Covers - Pack of 2

West System
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West System 75mm wide foam roller cover pack of two - ideal for coating epoxy in smaller areas.

Don't waste your WEST SYSTEM roller!

If you leave your 801 roller and frame in cured epoxy resin it will be ruined, together with the roller pan!

An article by JR Watson in Epoxy works advises the following method of saving your WEST SYSTEM 801 roller.

Remove any  excess epoxy resin from the cover by rolling it on a piece of cardboard or a piece of scrap wood, then hang the roller and frame on an S hook, the roller should hang on the turn where the frame bends for the roller head and allowed to cure. With the roller frame hung this way the epoxy runs to the open end of the cover.

Once the WEST SYSTEM epoxy is cured remove the cover from the frame by pulling it off!

With this approach you should be able to use the roller many times.